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Lindsay Lohan's "Burning" Bridges With Yet, Another Hotel

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January 21, 2013 at 9:54 AM | by | ()

It's a wonder she gets a hotel in any city at this point given that trouble seems to "follow" Lindsay Lohan wherever she goes!

She did win our award for the "Biggest Celebrity Performance in 2012" and, by the looks of it, she is campaigning for a repeat title in 2013.

As if W Union Square didn't learn their lesson from the last time they had her as a guest, here is another tragic tale of LiLo in a hotel room.

This time it involves copious amounts of cigarette burns totally nearly $50,000 of damage. Well, slap your momma! What in fresh hell is going on, here?

The allegations go like this: Lohan was staying at the hotel for a few weeks and hosted a handful of parties for her nearest and dearest. After the parties were over, damage was evident. Cigarette burns all over the place, so much so, the hotel had to replace all of the carpets in the room. An undisclosed source from the W, according to the gossip website, ZAP 2 it, the star is not longer allowed in any W Hotel in the city.

Now, Lindsay's reputation does precede her, but the figure seems a bit inflated. Come on. $50,000? Even if the room was completely gutted and refurbished, (which were just recently done at the W last year) we can't imagine a bill coming close to $50K.

Perhaps Ms. Lohan should think about trying the hotel's new detox program, starting with smoking cessation. Just a thought.

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