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InterContinental Montreal Stay Gets You Free Night At Ice Hotel

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January 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

Not that you want to hear about cold weather and snow during what seems like the coldest week ever (Ed note: don't be too sure!), there's something cool (pun intended) happening north of the border: Today marks the official opening of Montreal's Snow Village!

Built in the city's Parc Jean Drapeau, the Snow Village is North America's first and only entire village made of snow and ice. Now going on its second year, the architects and sculptors used the Big Apple as inspiration for this year's layout and design behind the attached Ice Hotel. It's like Montreal's very-own (snowy) version of Central Park and we're not above making snow angels.

As the official partner, InterContinental Montreal launched several packages that include one night with breakfast and transportation to the hotel and one night at the Ice Hotel in Snow Village.

Guess we'll need to explain that Ice Hotel if you've not heard us talk about it before.

Montreal's Ice Hotel features 10 rooms and 15 themed suites (we loved the look of last year's Cirque du Soleil and NASCAR styles) and also includes 5 igloos, should you be crazy enough to book one. Thermal sleeping bags that are said to withstand temps below -30F are provided, because you know, it will get freakin' cold out there, and you are technically sleeping on a block of ice, that is covered by a thin mattress. Now, we've heard people have stripped naked in these sleeping bags because they got so hot in them. We will say point blank--we don't believe those stories not one bit! Lucky there are some outdoor hot tubs in case you get a chill in your bones. But hit them early. Unforch they don't stay open until the wee hours (it gets dark, ya know) and they're a short walk back to the hotel and you'll just get cold again.

Anyway, this ice village has an ice bar (whiskey in a ice shot glass? très bon!), an ice restaurant with faux-fur pellets on the seats and serving juicy venison, and a beautiful and intricately designed ice chapel should you want to marry your ice, ice, baby. Yep. We went there.

Rates at InterContinental Montreal begin at 159 CAD ($160). Packages start around $500.

[Photo: InterContinental Hotels/Village Des Heiges]

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Sweaty in the Sleeping Bag

Believe it my friend... I too have woken up in a sweat when only wearing a layer of thermals inside the bag. They do their job!!