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Famous Swedish Hotel's Guests Can Get Busy On Ice

January 24, 2013 at 3:56 PM | by | Comments (0)

Raise your hand if you've had sex on the beach.

Congrats, you're one of a million. You got sand in your shorts (or worse). You positioned yourself in the corner of the small lifeguard stand. We're awfully proud. Did you watch the sunset and brush her hair behind her ear, too? Yawn.

Now, a show of hands, who's melted a forearm into a bed before? No? That's what we thought!

But, seriously, our headline is meant to be taken literally, kids. Ice hotels can be hella romantic, and the novelty of the experience will knock your socks off. Though keepin' 'em on is a special kind of sexy we can't imagine.

We're fresh off a stay at Sweden's Ice Hotel, and we can tell you firsthand the stories of individuals breaking a sweat in the heat of the night are totally true. Can you get sticky in your sleeping bag? Youbetcha!

So instead of moaning about the plummeting temps outside, we'll show you how it can get steamy, even in the Arctic.

Come on, the romantic component of sharing warmth isn't that hard to see. Haven't you ever crawled into bed on a cold night and curled up close to your partner? Feels nice, doesn't it? Now transfer those thoughts to the inside of a thermal sleeping bag on a bed built by ice blocks topped with a wooden frame, a thin mattress and reindeer skins. Don't picture two frigid bodies balled up in bags at different ends of the bed. Couples can request double sleeping bags, and let us be the first to warn you that those things are indeed toasty, with or without a companion. So much so that the hotel recommends sleeping in no more than one layer of clothing.

Be sure to thank them, you kings of coyness you.

While Sweden's Ice Hotel was the first of its kind, there are now several throughout the world, such as Quebec City's Hotel de Glace and Montreal's Snow Village. Norway, Finland, and Romania also have them. Check out the photos of the beautifully crafted rooms in Northern Sweden -- the scenery you'd see as you naturally raise the temperature of your room.

If your passion isn't burning come bedtime, don't blame it on the weather, chump!

Rates for Sweden's Ice Hotel start at $245 per person, per night for double occupancy in a basic Snow Room. It's located about 15 minutes by shuttle from Kiruna Airport, but we recommend traveling by dogsled (yes, the hotel will transfer you from the airport to the front door via dogsled!). Since you are 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, there are plenty of activities get your blood pumping right along with the night time shenanigans. Be sure to hop aboard a snowmobile at some point and don a pair of cross country skis, and practice making snow angels at night while you search for the Northern Lights.

[Disclosure: Our writer visited the Ice Hotel while on assignment for another outlet. All opinions and experiences are entirely his own.

[Photos: Will McGough for Hotel Chatter]

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