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Some Celebrities Went Ham Over The Holidays

January 2, 2013 at 6:21 PM | by | ()

It look like celebs have been living it up over the holidays. So much so, we’ve had to condense it into a mini digest. Here’s what’s been going on with the bold faced and the beautiful.

KimYe Are Expecting a Baybay:Some people announce that they’re expecting with a cute little sonogram or something more demure. Not Kanye West. Nope. He had to deliver the news to thousands of folks at Atlantic City’s Revel Resort in this endearing manner, by saying during his December 30th concert, “stop the music right there and make noise for my baby mama," smiling in the direction of his boo, Kim Kardashian. Yes, that’s exactly how one wants to be referred to when revealed we are carrying your child, Yeezy!

Rihanna Gets Buck Nekkid in Barbados: We know it’s hot in the islands, and we’re equally aware that Rihannas not a fan of covering up. So when we first saw pics of her in a teeny bikini during her Christmas holiday vacation at Cove Springs Villa in Barbados, we only flinched a bit simply because it is one of the more conservative of the Caribbean islands, thanks to its British heritage. However, the singer, who was first said to be nursing wounded heart during yet another Chris Brown break-up seemed well aware that cameras were catching her every move, so we’re not sure why in the name of Lucifer she didn’t put the blinds down when she went to change clothes one day. The result? You got it! Nudie pics of the Bajan beauty spreading like wildfire over the Web. And this is supposed to be the new spokesperson for the Barbados Tourism Authority. Come now, gal!

Usher Is A Big Kid In Cancun: In an actual sweet moment, we spied with our little eyes, Usher Raymond having fun with his little bitty boys at the all-inclusive Moon Palace Resort in Cancun a few days before his scheduled concert at the mammoth venue on December 29th. The dancing machine spent some time in the super cool game room (no charge to play all you want!) that was chock-full of video games, Xboxes, snacks (including pizza, popcorn and gelato) and more. He remarked that he had a hard time not getting booted out by the kids he was having such a good time there (plenty of adults, were--Dance, Dance Revolution is no joke!). Although there was a hefty amount of security blocking some other little guests from playing games, we think they were a bit star struck and didn’t mind the minor inconvenience.

Charlie Sheen Chills Out in Cabo: Mr. Sheen also headed south-of-the-border this holiday season, taking to Twitter (and this time kept it clean) to show a Twitpic view of the modest Hotel El Ganzo, located in San Jose del Cabo. He tells his followers it was "a pic of the back of the @hotelelganzo I took from the boat." Glad to see he's living lovely these days.

And where did you go, these past holidays? Spot any celebs acting up?

[Photos: Gossipwelove.com/HotelChatter]

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