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Frankfurt Gets Funky: Inside the Goldman 25Hours Hotel

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  Site Where: Hanauer Landstraße 127, Frankfurt, Germany
January 18, 2013 at 4:13 PM | by | ()

Think about the adjectives typically associated with Frankfurt, Germany. They're not exactly the most pleasant, are they? Perhaps that's why the Goldman 25Hours Hotel shakes up the scene with confident use of colors and whimsical design touches. In any case, our stay (1 night, paying a standard prepaid rate of 92 Euros) blessedly brightened what had been a dreary, sleep-deprived week

Never heard of the 25Hours boutique chain? Well neither had we until last year, when we found their Hamburg HafenCity location and promptly fell head over heels. Their Goldman Frankfurt property is not as new or large as Hamburg, but the brand's bravery with design and affordable rates are very much in house at all locations.

First impression: Cute! Coming in from long travels and the dreary, misty weather we were psyched to be greeted by big smiles at the front desk and a big goosedown comforter on our bed. The place just feels...so warm. It's only too bad we stayed one night because even now, going back and looking at the photos, there's that sweet desire to be there right now, all cuddled up and watching weird German late-night TV.

Amenities: One of the reasons we gush so much love for 25Hours is their own love of amenities. Not only are there Townie bikes available for complimentary rental, but they've even got BMW Minis on hand (also complimentary, incredibly enough). For guests who walk or jog, there's a whole Jogging Corner with other little freebies.

Though there's a lobby lounge, it's only for the use of guests and thus they dub it the "Living Room." This space remains a cool chill-out space without becoming packed in the evening and without the push of having to buy food or beverage to sit down. This is something trendier US hotels could learn from. As for breakfast, it's not included but if you go for it and pay, you'll get substantial hot and cold options (and yes, pretzels), plus kombucha!

WiFi Connect: Fast and free, the way it should be!

Bottom Line: 25Hours Hotels aim at a traveler most other hotels ignore completely: that of the young-ish, design-conscious globetrotter who's too old and too employed to crash in a hostel or sketchy cheap motel and yet isn't happy with the prices or bland environs of a large international chain. That's pretty much me, personally, so I have a goal to eventually stay at all six of their hotels. But anyway, back to the general impressions!

Small rooms are countered by the ample free space on the main floor, like the Living Room, Oost Bar and Goldman Restaurant. The amenities are awesome, the location in a quiet neighborhood (but with a tram stop right outside to go direct to the Hauptbahnhof or livelier districts) is optimal, and duh we're completely onboard with the fun they have in furnishing the unique rooms. Two thumbs up and a dash of pretzel salt!

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher/HotelChatter]

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