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Which Would You Rather? Hot or Ice Hotel?

January 17, 2013 at 2:07 PM | by | ()

Sometimes HC editors get in little tiffs. Nothing serious, we just roll our eyes at each other’s choices when it comes to hotel fun. Some of us would hole up in a hostel in a blink of an eye, where others gave up that option when we became eligible to rent a car.

That’s when we like to play a little game of “Which Would You Rather…” and we state our case hoping to prove our pick is better.

Today's Episode: Ice Hotel vs. Caribbean Resort

WakeandWander, HotelChatter Contributing Editor

“This is a shot from an artist's suite at the Ice Hotel near Kiruna, Sweden. It was the first and initial ice hotel in the world. The room is called The Flower, can you see why? I’m out here dogsledding, looking at pine trees covered with snow. It’s incredibly beautiful. Wait ‘til you see the pictures when I do the round-up on ice hotels next week!”

Chanize, HotelChatter Editor

“Uh, that’s all well and good, Wake, but I distinctly remember an expletive coming from your fingers when I emailed asking you if it was cold out there. You know, Sweden in the winter? BTDT. No mas. Now, excuse me while I point you to this beautiful shot above. This is the gorgeous adults-only Secrets St. James (part of Secrets Wild Orchid) in Jamaica. It too, will be part of a HotelChatter feature next week. That would be our 2013 Caribbean Guide. Pretty blue water, cocktail in hand, about 80-degrees? I think we call that winning.”

So, folks, as you munch on your lunch, breakfast, or dinner (depending on where you are in the world), we’d like to know, if you could go right now, “which hotel gets your reservation?”

Weigh in!

Archived Comments:


I am NOT spending precious vacation time freezing my ass off in an ice hotel. THE END.

+1 for Jamaica

I've been to an Ice Hotel (the one in Quebec, Canada), and let's just say I would not do it again. It's not at all like in that James Bond movie, folks...

(we sissies moved to the back-up "real" hotel room at 3 am)

Amen for the Back Up!

No offense, these Ice Hotels are gorgeous--don't get me wrong. They are clever, amazingly well built. I tried to stick it out at the Montreal outpost last year, but no bueno. At 2 a.m., I was hailing a cab to get my behind back to the Opus. I yam who I yam.

Re: Amen for the Back Up

All I hear is "WAAAAAAAAAH."


I can only admire.
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