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Embassy Suites Wants You to Decide the Fate of This $30,000 Wedding

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  Site Where: 1420 Stout Street [map], Denver, Colorado , United States, 80202
January 21, 2013 at 1:25 PM | by | ()

Even though we've taken shots to the ribs of reality shows in the past, there's something about the Denver Embassy Suites wedding giveaway that has us intrigued.

The fact that the hotel is giving away a $30,000 wedding is impressive to begin with, but when you factor in the complete concept -- that you can decide the details of the wedding itself -- the whole thing begins to get bizarre in a "can't wait to see how this plays out" sort of way.

Three finalists/couples have already been chosen by the hotel and will be revealed tomorrow on its Facebook page, at which point it will be up to voters to decide who will walk down the aisle (for free). You'll be able to see photos and video of the contestants upon which you can base your decision, and the winning couple will be announced on Valentine's Day. From there, the attention will turn to the planning phase.

That's right -- from the dress to the drinks, it's your call. Not only do you get to pick the couple, but Facebook fans will get to vote on the theme of the wedding, including the invitations, wedding dress, tuxedos, linens, flowers, cake, entertainment, ice carving and signature cocktails.

We're guessing there are no bridezillas amongst the final three.

The hotel said the purpose behind the promotion is to gain exposure to brides, meeting planners and vendors in addition to the general public. The entire wedding will be revealed via Facebook on April 29th and the bells will ring on May 18th.

Follow along -- this could get interesting.

[Photos: Embassy Suites/Facebook]

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