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Edmonton Experiencing A Renaissance (Hotel, That Is)

January 2, 2013 at 4:40 PM | by | ()

Edmonton’s set to get its first Renaissance Hotel this summer (the first in Alberta, as it turns out). The new 213-room hotel will open at the recently-expanded Edmonton International Airport. As the only hotel attached to the airport terminal, this is good news for those of you who find a bed more comfortable than your airport chair.

The hotel was originally scheduled to be a Courtyard by Marriot property before that was kyboshed and it was decided to make the property the more boutique-like upscale Renaissance. The owners felt that the new airport terminal was so modern that the Renaissance was a better fit with the airport re-do.

Now that the hotel is being redesigned not a lot of details are available yet as to the interior of the hotel, but we can tell you this: It’s expected that the hotel will have plenty of public spaces to mingle, meet or mellow out. Plus it will have the best there is in noise suppression technology to block out those annoying take-offs and landings that remind you that you’re at an airport hotel. And because of this - to get you really excited – the windows are bomb blast safe so you can get that much-needed shuteye you so richly deserve.

There’s no word yet on what to expect regarding rates. When we know more about the opening date, that should be revealed.

[Rendering: Edmonton International Airport]

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