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Bedbugs and Crack Dealers: What DNC Reporters Are Complaining About In Charlotte

September 7, 2012 at 9:06 AM | by | ()

Forget, for a minute, the glowing reviews of Michelle Obama's and Bill Clinton's speeches at the DNC. It turns out another thing reporters' minds were the rotten hotels they were assigned for the event, which took place this past week in Charlotte, NC. But cramped rooms and bad service were the least of it—we're talking drug dealers, prostitutes, and bed bugs.

The bed bugs in particular were an issue, as the Washington Times reported that several of the DNC media-hosting hotels have dealt with bedbug infestation complaints in the past year.

The scene was enough to make radio talk show host David Webb comment:

"It comes down to organizing a good event, and frankly, that says something about how they do things here."

FoxNews, who reported on the story, went on to mention that the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte Center City Partners and the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority all failed to return any of their calls on the matter. Which only makes us more wary of even coming close to a bed in Charlotte, other than at a friend's house who can swear on the Holy Bible that they've never had any bug issues.

Other amusing/horrifying tales came in from Gawker's John Cook:

"I guess we'll start with the hotel. Ours is a shithole. A $250-a-night mildewy rathole for truckers and prostitutes on a decimated strip mall. Charlotte is the armpit of the south, a glorified half-dead exurb with some tall buildings planted in the middle. There are skeezy-looking tattoo shops everywhere, and none of the stores are open past midnight."

...who in turn quoted John Fund from the National Review:

"The Knights Inn was the worst hotel I have ever seen, and I’ve stayed in many bad motels in my life. Two guys were dealing drugs in the room next to me, and a prostitute was working out of the parking lot. And this was in the early afternoon. The room itself was dirty, full of other people’s stuff, etc.

I have never requested a hotel change in 3 years at NR. This was the first time I felt absolutely compelled."

Kinda puts a damper on the whole 'four more years' cheer, doesn't it?

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Archived Comments:

Knight's Inn

Someone seriously expected four star accommodations at KI?  Last I knew, they had hourly rates.


The Knights Inn is in a neighborhood that I wouldn't visit in the daytime! WTF did you expect? You only had 9 months to get a place to stay. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


The Knights Inn is ranked 141 out of 171 hotels. I think I would talk to the person who booked you in this shithole.