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A Ritz-Carlton Shoe Shine Ain't Just Any Old Shoe Shine

September 6, 2012 at 9:18 AM | by | ()

Has the experience of a really good shoe shine ever stayed with you...even after you've left the hotel?

Well, that's the kind of impact Ritz-Carlton is hoping to make with their brand new video series, "The Art of the Craft," which offers portraits of individual employees toiling away in their natural hotel habitats: sommeliers, chefs de cuisine, shoe shiners. They're all here, representing different corners of the vast Ritz-Carlton empire, and all managing to make whatever it is they do (work) look like the total opposite of work.

We just watched two clips from the new series, and have to admit—if nothing else, the sommelier made us want to have a drink, and the shoe shiner made us want to get our shoes shined. Mission accomplished?

The new series is part of the company's "Let Us Stay With You" campaign, which was launched last year to illustrate how adept Ritz-Carlton is at interacting with guests, introducing new products/amenities, and training staff.

Each video in the "Art of the Craft" series focuses on a single employee engaged in the "art" of his or her "craft." Interspersed are countless shots of the individual property, well-manicured guests with big smiles on their faces, and peppy music playing in the background. It's a feel-good company ad that can at times get a bit twee, as the shoe shine valet from Ritz-Carlton Istanbul (who remains nameless, as they all do) proclaims:

"My favorite part of my day is seeing a guest's face when I'm finished shining their shoes. Admiring how shiny they are, makes me very happy."

And there are still another six videos to be released (watch them here)—heaven knows what other wizardly talents will emerge from Ritz-Carlton's unfathomable depths before then.

But in the meantime, we're curious to know: is Ritz-Carlton blowing smoke, or has a housekeeper, shoe shiner or sommelier ever made a major impact on you too? Let us know your thoughts!

[Screenshot: Ritz-Carlton]

Archived Comments:

I'm easy

If housekeeping lines up my shoes in a row, I think they're special. Straighten up my junk military style on the bathroom counter and I'm including a "thank you" note. Never had my shoes shined. I need better shoes.