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Ducasse Who? W Vieques Has A New Chef

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September 5, 2012 at 4:08 PM | by | Comments (0)

After weeks of asking various members of the W Vieques team about Alain Ducasse’s departure from the hotel’s kitchen a few months ago, and receiving limp responses, the company has finally announced a new chef and name change.

Fernando Coppola is the new Executive Chef of Sorcé, the restaurant that’s thankfully swapped out the old (and irritating) name of miX on the Beach. Coppola was the sous chef there and has been promoted, though the company says Coppola is not “technically replacing Ducasse since Duccasse’s role was not to be on-site and in the kitchen on a daily basis.” Fair enough. But with the initial build up of Ducasse coming to the W Vieques in the first place back in 2010, and now that his presence is…gone…we’re not sure what other word to use for Coppola than replacement.

The W Vieques released this statement:

“When W debuted on Vieques Island, it created a new way to escape, and we would like to thank Chef Alain Ducasse and his culinary team for creating a dynamic, first-rate dining destination that was key to this successful launch,” said Greg White, general manager of W Vieques. “As we evolve to meet the needs of our jet set guests, our food and beverage strategies remain critical to enhancing overall guest experience while also drawing in locals.”

We’re smartasses, so we translate this into, “no hard feelings for leaving, old dude! We’ve got young blood in our kitchen, now!”

But all jokes aside, can the man cook?

We’re not sure. When we visited the W this past summer we were looking forward to eating there and our experience was decidedly mas o menos, as they say. Was Coppola on the burners then? We’re hoping not and it was just a weird transition period. Our wish is that the dishes on Sorcé’s menu, including the Puerto Rican favorite mofongo, fish marinated in mojo, churrasco with garlic and sopa de marisco, a Viequense version of bouillabaisse are as good as they sound.

Maybe that’ll get people pumped up about the W Vieques again. But that’s another story.

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