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Hotel Hazelton Adds A $99,900 Bed (Flying Naked Woman Not Included)

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September 5, 2012 at 11:48 AM | by | ()

It's Toronto International Film Festival time, and all the celebs are shacking up in Toronto's finest hotels (like Trump Toronto, which opened in January). One place that's getting a bit of attention, though, is the Hazelton Hotel, for installing a $99,900 bed called the Vividus.

As you can see from the picture above, the Vividus is so comfortable you begin to defy gravity and hover ecstatically over the sheets, thereby negating the purpose of a bed at all. But for a company that's been supplying mattresses to the Swedish Royal Court for 50 years, utility is far less of a concern than frilliness. It's all about the luxury, baby.

According to Hastens, the bed is made with Arctic Circle forest-sourced pine, hand-laid springs, a "carefully balanced blend of hand-teased horsehair, cotton, wool and flax," and then finished off with a brass plaque explaining who the bed was made for. It takes 150 hours to complete, and before it's sent off, "the master craftsman" gives it a final check to make sure it's up to standard.

How'd those Hazleton guests get to be so lucky!

Once upon a time, we made a list of HotelChatter's Favorite Hotel Beds Ever. This bed is making us rethink everything, though.

[Photo: Hastens]

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