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ME Cancun to Become King of All Dog Parks?

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  Site Where: Boulevard Kukulkan, km. 12, Cancun, Mexico, 77500
October 1, 2012 at 1:14 PM | by | ()

Far be it from us to judge another’s idea of fun – that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla – but we’ve been having a good old-fashioned chuckle about the upcoming promotion from ME Cancun: A “pooch pawty” weekend getaway that pampers pets and their owners with what is essentially a couple’s spa experience with joint manicures, 'paw'-dicures, and massages.

It gets funnier. Each furry guest will have their photograph taken upon arrival, framed and given to their owners as mementos. After the treatments and feasting on a buffet of cookies, kibble, and liver, the duo can return to their room for relaxation, where dog amenities – a plush bed, blanket with hood, and toys – await. We do like that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the local animal rescue, Tierra de Animales.

While this seems like it could be a good “test” or trail run for traveling couples who have their sights set on kids in the near future, we wonder how this will play out in the land of single dog owners. Will the ME Cancun turn out to be the king of all dog parks? Forget wagging its tail at the door or retrieving the newspaper, can your dog bring some action your way? Male pet owners brave enough to fly solo can incorporate their pooch into their pickup plans and converse with bikini-clad girls about pet meds, perhaps even swap dog-dominated iPhone photos over a couple mudslides.

Such a story of successful courtships would certainly go a long way for men in countering well-deserved wise cracks from friends, no doubt forever justifying their life as a dog owner. The single ladies have it a bit easier, however, only needing to channel their inner Paris Hilton and place their pets on a strict diet beforehand to ensure a comfortable fit inside their purse.

Would you go for this? Be sure to send all stories our way after the weekend - we're interested to see how this one plays out.

The package goes for $199 a night from October 4-9 (no minimum stay) and includes the amenities mentioned as well as food and beverage, pet fee, doggy diploma, late checkout, and welcome gift. Regular rates for ME Cancun start at $265 a night, all-inclusive.

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