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There's Beef and New Beefed-Up Suites At The Dorchester London

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  Site Where: Park Lane, London, United Kingdom
September 28, 2012 at 5:50 PM | by | ()

Earlier this week we paid a visit to check out the newest addition to The Dorchester London's accommodations: 22 suites redesigned by Alexandra Champalimaud. Lady Gaga unfortunately wasn’t around to offer us a free hotel room, but we did pass Sir Anthony Hopkins in the lobby, which was good enough for us.

This is the flagship of the eponymous Dorchester Collection, which includes sister hotels such as the tony Plaza Athénée in Paris and Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles. So, we knew these suites had to be something to behold.

The Dorchester Champalimaud Suites
You'd think that with overhauling 22 of them the majority of the hotel's suites would be covered. Not so at The Dorchester, where there’s no less than 50 different suites to choose from, in addition to three unique rooftop suites.

The two categories that were redesigned are Park and Dorchester Suites. We saw an example of the former, which as the name suggests takes full advantage of the Hyde Park views. A marble-floored hallway connects a bedroom at one end and a spacious living room at the other, with a full bathroom and separate powder room in between.

Grey and cream tones dominate in the bedroom, with a king-size bed, B&O flatscreen TV, a leather-topped desk, and armchair in the corner. Hardwood floors and wood paneling characterized the living room, which had a large sitting area and circular dinner table - there's enough space for a small cocktail party or a group of friends and family to spread out. We liked the wallpaper in the hallway and scarlet-red Chinese chest that contained the mini-bar. Bathrooms have bespoke toiletries by Aromatherapy Associations.

Dorchester Suites follow a similar design, but are more spacious and give the option of connecting with two additional bedrooms to create your own three-bedroom apartment.

This kind of space at a luxury hotel in London comes with a price tag of course: Park Suites start from £2,665 (about $4,291), with Dorchester Suites from £3,165 (about $5,096) a night, excluding taxes.

The Grill Restaurant
When you think of dinner at The Dorchester, three Michelin-star' Alain Ducasse or China Tang (where lunch for some people can be a not particularly inexpensive affair) probably come to mind first. Rather than going with these French or Cantonese choices, we opted for classic British and sat down in The Grill, just to the right off of The Promenade that is the central artery of the hotel.

Stepping over the threshold from The Promenade certainly takes you into a whole different environment, with tartan carpet, seat covers, and murals of kilted Scots on the walls. You'll find a range of organically sourced meats and fishes on the menu; we tried the signature Black Angus beef chop, which is sliced and prepared at your table. Together with a glass of California Merlot, this is probably the ultimate carnivore’s choice. Perusing the menu, we’d say that after a three-course meal with an aperitif and a glass of wine, you’ll leave without much change of £100 ($163).

If The Dorchester is a smidge too traditional for your tastes, but a Dorchester Collection hotel is still on your wish list, it takes about ninety seconds to cross the street to sister-hotel 45 Park Lane and its art-deco inspired design, as well as the London outpost of Wolfgang Puck’s Cut. Take ninety minutes and you'll find yourself at Coworth Park, the collection's country estate near Ascot.

[Disclosure: Jason was The Dorchester's dinner guest, but all meaty views expressed are his own]

[Images: The Dorchester Hotel, HotelChatter]

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