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Ibis Hotels Will Turn Your Slumber Into a Work of Art

Where: 77 rue de Bercy , Paris, France, 75012
September 27, 2012 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

Ibis is showing guests that they can be their most creative but when they're fast asleep in bed. A select few European Ibis hotels are taking part in a new interactive program called "Sleep Art," which has to be the most unusual example we've seen in a while of cool art being integrated into the hotel experience.

Basically, guests sleep on a special mattress, which analyzes their movements, and then sends that data to a robot arm programmed to create a unique painting based on the information (kind of like the Yobot's long-lost cousin!). Since every person has a different way of sleeping, every painting will be one-of-a-kind.

And if you love the idea of bringing home a work of sleep-induced art, but are too creeped out by the presence of a soulless robot arm twitching and whirring next to your bed, then worry not. The mechanical arm is actually located in a remote studio in Paris. Which leads us to think the whole "Sleep Art" initiative isn't about expression creativity at all, but rather an opportunity for Ibis to flaunt its strong WiFi signals.

The way it works is that each mattress is embedded with a grid of 80 sensors measuring heat, pressure and sound. That data is then sent continuously during the night via WiFi to a robot in Paris. We like to imagine him with a striped shirt and wool felt beret, possibly drinking a glass of wine while he makes his big, bold strokes with acrylic paint on the canvas.

The program is essentially a way for Ibis to promote a handful of its European hotels in Paris, Berlin and London. Starting now, guests can register to win a single night during a five-day period at one of the following properties: the Ibis Styles Bercy, Ibis Budget Porte de Vincennes, Ibit Budget City Potsdamer Platz, Ibis Styles Mitte and Ibis Blackfriars, the latter of which happens to be Ibis' newest London hotel, scheduled to open next month.

If you're interested in channeling your inner Picasso through a robotic arm, then simply visit Ibis' Facebook page and sign up! May the heaviest sleeper win.

[Photo: Ibis]

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