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How Do You Say 'Autograph Collection' In Portugese?

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  Site Where: Avenida Liberdade 138, Lisbon, Portugal
September 19, 2012 at 9:55 AM | by | ()

Things are moving along at a steady clip for Autograph Collection, Marriott's winning assemblage of top-tier, independently-owned hotels around the world—a collection that's grown at a rate of approximately one hotel per month since 2010.

The brand's newest members include three European hotels—Fontecruz Lisboa (pictured), Hotel De Bourgtheroulde and Hotel L'Hermitage Gantois—the first of which is noteworthy for being Autograph's first hotel in Portugal. Though the second two are by no means insignificant: set in Rouen, France, the De Bourgtheroulde is a 15th century stone mansion, while L'Hermitage was originally built in the 1400s.

A Double Room at Fontecruz Lisboa

True to its nature, Autograph continues to split its focus evenly between historic landmarks (The Brown Palace, The Algonquin, the six Boscolo properties scattered around Europe) and contemporary gems (Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, The Saint). And while the new properties all retain a bit of their own unique history and culture, they all seem to fit well inside the collection, alongside all of the above-mentioned properties.

The 72-room Fontecruz is located right in the center of Lisbon, overlooking the Avenida Liberdade, and guest rooms have a sort of moody, Victorian look to them, with dark purple velvet armchairs, billow-y curtains and oversized prints installed behind the beds, depicting historic sites around Portugal.

Meanwhile, the De Bourgtheroulde, housed in one of the country's oldest 15th century stone mansions, offers a spa, multiple restaurants and ample meeting space. The 72-room L'Hermitage, which sits in Northern France's charming metropolis of Lille (near the Belgian border) has quaint pine-paneled rooms, marble bathrooms and an interior courtyard for outdoor dining.

The three properties will officially join the collection by end of year.

[Photo: Fontecruz Lisboa]

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