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Get Bad With a Blade at Kimpton's Knife Skill Classes

September 19, 2012 at 6:44 PM | by | ()

So, you thought back-to-school time didn’t apply to you? Well, these kind of classes are the ones you won’t be itching to ditch. Throughout September and October Kimpton Hotel chefs will be teaching guests an important skill—how to use the kitchen knife. The bonus: you’ll eat, drink, and learn at the same time.

“Cut” is part of the company's “Behind the Apron..Dishing with Kimpton Chefs” series. And in this segment, you’ll learn what every budding chef wants to know—the art of slicing and dicing. Plus that all-too important practical information everyone seems to want to know will be discussed as well: how to select and care for a good knife.

Those who consider themselves serious gourmands will enjoy a few inside tips and tricks and favorite tools through Q&A sessions, videos and more. They’ll even share a recipe or two for you try back home.

Here are some specific classes being held at hotels around the country:

Kimpton Monaco, Salt Lake City
Date: September 29, 1pm
Class: “Mastering the Cut”: Exec Chef Nathan Powers of Bambara will teach guests how to brunoise and chiffonade while they lunch on while guests enjoy a three-course lunch of iced oysters with Champagne shallot mignonette, watermelon gazpacho with basil and mint and butterflied leg of lamb with zucchini and goat cheese risotto. $35/person. Call 801-363-5454 for reservations.

Kimpton Vintage Park, Seattle
Date: October 11, 5pm
Class: “To the Point”: Exec Chef Walter Pisano of Tulio Ristorante demonstrates the art of slicing, dicing, and chopping using various knives whether it’s for cutting bread for panzanella salad or thinly slicing fish for crudo . Wine and small bites served. $10/person. Call 206-624-5500 for reservations.

Kimpton Palomar, Washington, D.C.
Date: October 20, 3:30p.m.
Class: “The Fresh Slice”: Exec John Critchley of Urbana doesn’t play around here. You’ll see how to break down a whole fish. From scaling, filleting and cutting, he’ll explain how different parts can be used to make ceviche, tartare and more. You’ll sample the preparations with various wine pairings and leave with marinade recipes, jars of sauces, and a fish scaler. $60/person. Call 202-956-6650 for reservations.

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