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New York's The Quin Will Be Quin-tessentially Chic

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  Site Where: 101 West 57th Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10015
September 18, 2012 at 9:52 AM | by | ()

Just the other day we were flipping through a magazine, when suddenly an image on one of the pages made us stop and go, 'Wow.' It showed a Helena Bonham Carter-type lady with messy black hair and an elongated striped neck with a 17th century ruff under her chin, peering off to one side, superimposed onto a rich red background.

It was an ad, we realized, for The Quin, Manhattan's soon-to-open 198-room boutique hotel on West 57th St. And while a start date still hasn't been set, it looks like the hotel's website is now up and running, offering a first glimpse of one of the guest rooms!

Click below to take a look for yourself...

Most of what the website tells us about the rooms we already know from reports last spring (lacquered wood, Swedish DUX beds, Nespresso machines), though a few other details are highlighted, like bathroom fixtures by Toto (that's the Japanese company responsible for those high-tech toilets we're always on about) and bedside touch-screens to control all lighting, climate, music and room service. Nifty!

The room itself looks sweet, if slightly drab. The white leather headboard is a nice touch, but the rest of the lamps and furniture are a little...meh. And what's up with the giant handbag sitting by the window? Is there one in each room? Can guests take it home as a souvenir? Did the photographer just forget to remove her purse before taking the shot?

So many questions. But one of our pressing concerns—who actually painted the image we fell in love with in the magazine?—seems to at least have been answered. The artist is Daniel Egnéus, and more of his work will be featured in the hotel once it opens.

Egnéus or not, though, we're just happy to keep looking at it. Her face has kind of a hypnotizing effect if you stare at it long enough...

[Photo: The Quin]

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