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2nd Annual New York Hotel Week Now On Sale

September 13, 2012 at 5:09 PM | by | ()

Ok, it’s clear that advanced planning can be a good thing in the hotel world when it comes to new properties. It can be important when you’ve got plans to stay at a New York City hotel where rates can be outrageously high.

Sure, we tout the wonderfulness of last-minute bookings using apps like Hotel Tonight if you’re the footloose and fancy-free sort. But, if you crave a bit more structure, take advantage of the Second Annual “Hotel Week” on January 4 – 20, 2013. During this time you can score New York City hotel rooms for $100, $200 and $250 at more than 20 hotels. Although we liked the list a bit better last year, there's still some great deals here considering some of these places normally charge more than $500 a night!

And guess what? You can book NOW. The codes below are live for the hotels on sale. The catch? The stay is for, in the words of the Dreamgirls song, “One Night Only”. But we say there’s nothing to stop you from hotel hopping if you’ve got the chops and plan your neighborhoods right. Sure, it'll be winter, but that's never stopped people from visiting the city!

Here’s a sample of what’s on sale. You’ll find the full list of hotels here soon. But click on our links now for the lowdown on these properties:

POD 39 and 51
Rate: $100
How to Book: Call 212-355-0300 and mention “Hotel Week”

Rate: $100
How to Book: Call 212-358-8844 and mention “Hotel Week” or via website

Rate: $200,including Continental breakfast
How to Book: via website using code HOTELWEEK

Rate: $200
How to Book: via website and use code HOTELWEEK

Rate: $200, including Continental breakfast
How to Book: via website using code HOTELWEEK

Rate: $250
How to Book: via website

Rate: $250
How to Book: Call 800-233-1234 and mention “Hotel Week”

As usual folks, read the fine print when booking these deals. You know the drill..

[Photo: Pod Hotels]

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