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The Standard's New Attention-Grabbing Ads We Can't Ignore

September 12, 2012 at 2:47 PM | by | ()

We spy with our little eye...something that's weird and unsettling.

Never one to back away from the odd or the outlandish, Standard Hotels have launched a new ad campaign that's running in highbrow magazines like Apartamento, ArtForum, Interview, Paper Magazine, and V. The content? Pretty people doing not-so-pretty things like drooling, peeing, and sticking their heads in other people's shirts.

Commenting on the ads to the NY Times, Andre Balazs said:

"The purpose of this advertising is to bring a degree of sophistication."

Um, right.

According to the Times, the ads were not bought, but instead traded for free rooms at the hotels.

The photographs originate from two separate series by photographer Erwin Wurm, the same artist who erected the headless man sculpture outside Standard High Line earlier this summer. Apparently, Andre Balazs Properties Creative Director, Claire Darrow Mosier, was so taken with Wurm's "Politically Incorrect" series, she decided to make them the face of the Standard brand.

As Paper publisher David Hershkovitz puts it: the ads speak to "a certain kind of person," a member of "a creative community." The kind of person who, presumably, reads Paper over a bowl of soup, then drools in the bowl, while simultaneously peeing on the floor.

Come to think of it, maybe J House should consider getting in on the action too! They already fulfill at least one of those requirements.

[Photos: Erwin Wurm / Standard Hotels]

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