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A New Reason To Make Friends With Lady Gaga: Free Hotel Rooms

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September 11, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

The perks of being a celebrity are numerous: restaurants fall over themselves to give you the best seat in the house, stylists are employed full-time to make you look fab, and you even get to show up unannounced at other people's fancy hotel weddings! What a life.

But once in a while, celebs like to give back. No, we're not talking about obscure charity foundations or flying to Africa to pose with schoolchildren.

We're talking about the stuff that matters. Like a Deluxe Room at London's The Dorchester.

According to ABC, Lady Gaga recently made friends with a UK couple who were hosting their wedding reception at the swank 5-star hotel. After speaking with them, and, apparently, liking them, she offered up a deluxe room at the hotel as a wedding gift. (Which, we should remind you, typically goes for around £475/night.)

Sadly, her offer was declined as the bride and groom either: already had honeymoon plans, didn't feel like staying at the Dorchester, or assumed the strange American with the sunglasses and the big rainbow bird's nest on her head, whom they'd only met five minutes ago, and was now trying to talk them into a free night at London's most prestigious hotel, was just a crazy person.

We're going to assume/hope it was the former.

[Photo: The Dorchester; inset XposurePhotos / Daily Mail]

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