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New Australian Law Is A Win For Sex Workers, Not So Great For Hotels

Where: Australia
August 9, 2012 at 9:51 AM | by | ()

According to a new law passed in Australia last month, hotels no longer have the right to turn away sex workers who bring clients back to their hotel rooms. While we're still not sure exactly where we fall on the issue (a person's gotta make a living, right?), what we can tell you is Aussie hotels are not happy about this.

The discussion started after a sex worker in Moranbah got banned from a motel once they figured out her line of work. She fought the case and lost. Then, she appealed and won, on the grounds that "a bed is also hotel property, same as a telephone or internet used by customers for their business."

While our first reaction is to side with the hotels (what next—condoning ice buckets used for makeshift meth labs?), it's important to keep in mind that prostitution is legal in Australia, so the issue is a little more complicated than in other places like the US (except for parts of Nevada).

Richard Munro, CEO of Accommodation Association of Australia, told The Guardian:

"It's absolutely illogical. If a prostitute decided to start working out of a shopping mall, the owners would have something to say about it. There is some protection for the rights of the motel owner here."

In the meantime, Australia's hotel scene will undoubtedly be watched closely over the next few months (though not in that dirty, sneaky kind of way). And if you happen to hear some suspicious noises coming from the room next door, just keep in mind: not everyone's tied to the same nine-to-five routine to make a buck!

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