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Smooch and You Might Get to Smoosh at Public Chicago

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August 8, 2012 at 5:00 PM | by | ()

Give up some kisses for all to see at the Lincoln Park lagoon this Saturday

When not on the receiving end, public displays of affection mostly rub us the wrong way. Obnoxious, trashy, slutty -- get a room already! And suddenly like some fairy godmother from the hotel gods, Ian Schrager's Public Chicago will appear this Saturday, August 11, to grant wishes to both the heavy petters and the hot-and-bothered onlookers.

That’s right, hookers -- give it your best shot and you could score a room at Public Chicago.

Since it opened in 2011, Public Chicago has been on a quest to create real public engagement, mostly by way of inventive public spaces (spaces we just so happen to dig). But the latest Public ploy takes engagement a step further by celebrating PDA with a spotlight, cocktails and dinner, and — finally — a room.

Successful PDA could be rewarded with the chance to smoosh here at Public Chicago

Here’s how it works:

This Saturday from 1-3 p.m., the Chicago hotel will send a video crew out to iconic locations around town to find and capture Chicagoans making out, holding tight and otherwise engaged in PDA. The crew will start at the Lagoon in Lincoln Park with subsequent locations disclosed via tweet @PublicHotels. Comedian Michael McNamara will accompany the video crew, we’re guessing mostly to egg on the show.

Those lucky enough to be caught in the act will be rewarded by Public Chicago with gift certificates for overnight stays at the hotel, dinners at Pump Room and cocktails at the Library Bar.

The kissing, canoodling and all in popular Chicago places just for a room might feel a bit like getting pimped out. Then again, it’s all kind of sexy, in-your-face and… Public.

Rates at Public Chicago hotel currently start at $185 per night.

[Photos: vxla, Nina Kokotas Hahn]

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