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Something We Hope We Never Find In Our Hotel Bathroom: a Hidden Camera

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August 7, 2012 at 9:37 AM | by | ()

We're not sure how this one managed to fly under our radar, though this isn't exactly the kind of thing we receive media alerts about, either. Turns out an employee at Omni San Diego was recently caught planting a hidden camera inside one of the hotel's public bathrooms. Ick!

The good news? The camera was found within hours of being installed. The bad news? Well, we're not sure which is more troubling: the act itself, or the fact that, because of what happened, Omni staff had to conduct an "exhaustive search" throughout all the hotel's bathrooms looking for other possible hidden devices. Ick again!

The culprit was Omni San Diego's former Chief of Engineering, who's been with the hotel for five years. And who apparently woke up one day and decided he needed to spice things up by trying to capture strange men doing their business on film. Funny the way hotel employees make use of their available resources sometimes...

Only two men were caught on the film before someone noticed a strange blue light on the wall and alerted the hotel. Yet a technicality in the law states that even though the employee confessed to installing the camera (and has since been fired), the absence of identifiable victims means police are unable to press charges.

A local CBS channel interviewed Lt. Andra Brown from San Diego Police, who said:

"It is my understanding that the camera was in place, and discovered, within the same day.

The camera was running at the time he placed it, so his face was the very first thing on the video. It is what we call 'a clue.'"

Gotta love that officer-of-the-law sarcasm, huh? Needless to say, Omni fired the employee and has instituted a continuing program to sweep all bathrooms in the hotel for hidden cameras. But just in case, next time you use one of their bathrooms, be sure to flash your best reality TV grin. You never know who could be watching!

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Add that to my list

..of paranoid hotel rituals. Checking for cameras. Gah!

hidden camera

In russian hotels its a norm to spy for a lients.So im not surprised.