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Make Your Night At St Regis Go 'Vroom' By Sleeping In the Bentley Suite

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August 31, 2012 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

You gotta hand it to Starwood. When it comes to partnerships, they certainly know how to align themselves with the right brands to make people really sit up and take notice (a few that come to mind: W and Instagram, Westin and Amazon, Aloft and Bud Light...oh, and Pitchfork).

Back in April, St Regis made a lot of guests happy by ordering fleets of the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur model to be "stationed" at their hotels around the world. Now, St Regis New York has decided to take the partnership one step further by creating a dedicated Benley Suite. And it's taking reservations for next month.

$9,500/night (you read that right) is what it'll cost you to get inside the 15th floor, 1,700 sq ft suite. That's just $1,000 more than the hotel's specialty Tiffany Suite, which was renovated and unveiled last year, and comes "littered with" Tiffany trinkets.

The full offerings of the Bentley suite will include:

"décor touches reminiscent of designs by British carmaker Bentley Motors such as black leather tile floors and a sleigh bed made out of Bentley's signature burled wood."

And that's in addition to the hotel letting you take a 10-block joyride in a brand new 2013 Bentley Mulsanne. Though, for that kind of money, limiting the ride to just 10 blocks around the hotel is being a little stingy. Kinda like going to Hershey Park and only being offered two chocolate chips.

We just hope guests don't end up getting carsick. That would certainly be an expensive mess to have to clean up!

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