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Union Square Is Definitely Set To Get A Jade Hotel. Or Is It A Gem Hotel?

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August 31, 2012 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

New York being the way it is, sometimes hotels take on a life of their own, with no one really being quite sure what the hotel's identity is, even after it's opened (hello, Hotel Williamsburg! And, for that matter, Hotel Lola). That seems to be the case for GEM Union Square, which we last reported on in May.

According to the city's hotel development records, the hotel will be called the Jade Hotel Greenwich Village (even though it's in Union Square, not Greenwich Village) and it's already got a website up. The only confusing thing is: Atelier & Co (the folks who designed the property) have a page on their website that uses the 'GEM' and 'Jade' names interchangeably. So which is it gonna be?

In Atelier & Co's portfolio, the page for Jade Hotel has a pretty watercolor rendering of a red brick facade, with carved limestone piers, lanterns over the door and paned windows with copper pediments. All very charming—except that the name over the front door says "The GEM Hotel."

And right below it, Atelier & Co refers to it as "the new Gem Hotel Flagship, Union Square," which will "draw from the fabric of Greenwich Village."

To add to the confusion, Elite Traveler posted a lengthy item of the new hotel, which will reportedly open this fall at $400/night, but they never once mention the GEM name. We do, however, get a pretty vivid description of the lobby:

"Once inside the sunken lobby, guests will notice the fireplace, Art-Deco inspired wall-coverings and a rotating display of original works by emerging artists. The library cove off the lobby offers guests some time to relax with plush seating and classic New York-themed books."

...and the guest rooms:

"The Jade’s Art Deco guestrooms, taking inspiration from the legendary 1920s French Deco furniture artisan Emilie-Jacques Ruhlmann. Shades of crimson, blue and gold fill each guestroom with bedframes and desks made of Makassar ebony. The Jade incorporates hints of the past with a functioning vintage rotary telephone on every bedside table."

The hotel's developer, Will Obeid (who owns the GEM Hotels brand), says: "Everything about The Jade is a love letter to Greenwich Village." Hmm.

So what to make of this place? Will it be a boring, predictable 18-story red brick building, like we said in May? Or something more interesting and original in design? From the sound of it, we probably won't have to wait too long to find out!

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