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Where Will You Stay When the Barclays Center Opens In Brooklyn Next Month?

August 30, 2012 at 10:56 AM | by | ()

Yes, the 18,000-seat arena co-owned by rapper Jay-Z is only one month away from opening in downtown Brooklyn. And as New York Magazine points out, there's a lot hinging on its success.

For starters: will tourists start to see Brooklyn as a viable alternative to Manhattan when it comes to hotels? In the past year alone, Brooklyn acquired five new hotels. And we managed to visit every one of 'em. Here are a few places to consider resting your head next time you visit the BK...

For sheer convenience, Indigo Brooklyn and Aloft Brooklyn go to the top of the list, since both hotels lie just a ten-minute walk from the arena. And while Indigo has that shiny newness going for it (it opened just last month, looking sleek with its hardwood floors), Aloft has a bit more to offer, lobby-wise. We've played pool there, spun around in the circular womb chairs, and even watched a screening of Portlandia. For cool points so far, it's got Indigo beat.

As far as rates, however, Indigo pulls ahead with rooms starting at $201/night, while Aloft's cheapest offering is $265/night.

Meanwhile, in Williamsburg, King & Grove has the whole semi-public pool thing down pat, but it's new-kid-on-the-block The Wythe (pictured) that has the better deal: $199/night for a bunk bed room, or $325/night for a more traditional Corner King (make that $349/night if you want a Manhattan view).

And let's not forget our friends down at Hotel BPM. After a few minor glitches, the hotel is most definitely open for business. It's not exactly walking distance from the Barclays Center—or from anything, for that matter. But for Jay-Z fans, the music-loving hotel will be sure to play "Empire State" over the hotel playlist as you get ready to leave for the concert. And at $216/night? You can afford the cab to the venue.

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Archived Comments:

Don't Sell Hotel BPM Short :)

When you talk "glitches" it's important to note that BPM's came as a result of the City being backed up in the permit department.  Permits allowing the Hotel to accept guests were delayed by a few weeks to no fault of the Hotel.

Hotel BPM's "soft" opening (that's when it opens and offers great rates for people to "test" the staff and operations) took place the first part of August and the Grand Opening just so happens to be the same day the Barclay's Center opens...September 28th.  Cab it if you'd like but the Subway station is less than 3 short blocks away and Barclays Center is only 1 stop away.

For edification sake...there is plenty walkable from Hotel BPM; Greenwood Cemetery a National Historical Landmark (<a href="http://www.green-wood.com">http://www.green-wood.com</a>)is a couple blocks away and the Waterfront...complete with cobblestone streets from a few centuries ago...is less than four blocks from the Hotel.  Sunset Park, the neighborhood that the Hotel graces, is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn, playing host to some of the finest restaurants that feature cuisine from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic as well as exceptional Asian influenced restaurants.
Also, short hops from Hotel BPM...and we're talking 10-15 minutes max...you'll find yourself in world-famous Coney Island and a treat not discovered by most tourist is the neighborhood of Bay Ridge and the Verrazano Bridge...an architectural masterpiece...the first bridge that people experience when approaching the harbor of New York.

Arena Location

While bordering on downtown Brooklyn, Barclays Center is firmly within the neighborhood of Prospect Heights. Prospect Heights is one of the few Brooklyn neighborhoods with strongly defined borders.

Not hatin' on BPM

Yes, Paul it is certainly walkable to the cemetery (which I love), and true, Coney Island and Bay Ridge aren't far away. But in terms of frequented Brooklyn/Manhattan tourist destinations, most people will be heading out of Sunset Park to get to them.

In any case, BPM has its own special 'groove,' and they haven't seemed to have any trouble generating buzz ahead of the grand opening.