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Pop-Up Hotel in Sydney Gives New Meaning to 'Glamping'

Where: Sydney, Australia
August 3, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Camping under the stars with only the lights of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge to light your way sounds pretty amazing. Wait..what!? Yes, the area of Sydney, known as Circular Quay, has been turned into a pop-up hotel that mimics 'glamping' in the middle of the city.

Sponsored by Hotels.com and Citygate Central Hotel, the pop-up 'hotel room' is the first of it's kind in Australia, and if it us up to the creators, it wont be the last.

Originally inspired by the pop-up restaurant hosted by the hit cooking show, Masterchef, the hotel room offered 2 lucky guests a two-night stay in the what is arguably, the most expensive hotel district in town.

Build out of plywood and water-proof canvas, the carpeted tent features 2 double beds with electric blankets, area heaters for both beds, an outdoor deck for soaking in the fantastic views and a small fridge. Unfortunately guests must find another place to shower, as the tent doesn't offer these facilities. It also comes equipped with a personal chef, concierge, waiter and a security guard.

The creative minds behind the pop-up hotel, would like to expand their ideas into the most iconic areas of Australia. They thinking about the shores of the Great Barrier Reef, and Uluru in the red center of the the country. Regardless of location we are excited at the opportunity to snag a unique night's stay with a twist.

[Photo: Kristi Miller / Herald Sun]

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Creative, indeed.

The creators are very creative. I hope it is not the first-and-only, so that more people can experience it.