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Finally, The Chateau Marmont Comes To Its Senses and Kicks Out Lindsay Lohan

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August 29, 2012 at 11:09 AM | by | ()

We've long wondered how Lindsay Lohan has managed to fund her lengthy and frequent hotel stays, given that her finances are in dire straits. But eventually we just assumed that either the hotel was doing it for the publicity or that Lohan had managed to butter up the hotelier (see Vikram Chatwal).

Yet apparently, the Chateau Marmont is through playing the victim.

TMZ has posted a copy of the letter that the exclusive hotel's general manager Philip Pavel sent to the actress after she's failed to pay her $46,000 hotel bill.

As you are aware from our previous correspondences starting on July 8, you currently owe the hotel a grand total of $46,350.04 in charges for your stay starting on May 30, 2012.

As we have made repeated attempts to resolve this pressing matter over the last few weeks without any resolution, I regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to extend any further credit for you to remain in the hotel.

Please have all your belongings removed from Suite 33 by 12pm, Wednesday, August 1, 2012. Furthermore, until we get the matter of your outstanding debt paid, know that we will be unable to host you on the property or the restaurant.

AMAZING. And it gets better. There's an ITEMIZED COPY OF THE BILL.

Sent to guest "Lily Rosemand", the 16-page bill includes the $615 a night suite rate, tons of room service charges, cigarette charges (nearly $700), parking fees and crazy expensive mini-bar charges (one for $380!) Our minds are blown and Philip Pavel might just be our new hero.

Previously, the troubled starlet racked up a $500,000 bill back in 2006. But she was actually making money then.

So please, let this be a lesson to all hotels out there considering hosting Lindsay--you are just going to lose money. A lot of it.

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Return the computer?!?

Oh, kleptohan.

Hotel Freaky Friday..

Someone get on that script. Jamie Lee, give LiLo a loan, mama!

The daily $75 "good faith" discount

In hopes that she will return the rental computer. Philip, she ain't returning it! Just charge her for it.