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A New Luxury Lodge Grows on a Chilean Island

August 28, 2012 at 4:51 PM | by | ()

September 1. For most people, it'll be just another Saturday. For Chile's Chiloé Archipelago however, it's the day their newest (and most luxe) hotel debuts: the Refugia Lodge.

At only 12 rooms with all-inclusive rates starting at $530 per night, per person, Refugia will be for the traveler who knows exactly what they're looking for, namely a remote location steeped in cultural heritage with the combination of as much spa-ing, dining and wining as you'd care to do when not out one of the excursions (also complimentary).

So where is Chiloé Island, anyway? The hotel describes its location as "...perched atop a rolling hill with beautiful views of the Reloncaví Sound and the snowcapped peaks of the Andes in the distance, just 20 minutes from the capital city Castro." Taking a broader, less flowery view, we'll explain that it's in the south of Chile but north of Patagonia, a large island off the coast with Puerto Montt the nearest major airport, thought the smaller Castro Airport is even nearer..

The really cool thing about the Refugia Lodge is that all of its interior elements were handmade by local artisans, of which Chiloé Island has no lack. The area is known for its woodworking, though Refugia takes it to an avant-garde level with rooms and public spaces that look (we think from the photo gallery above) primed and ready for a spread in something like Wallpaper.

[Photos: Refugia Lodge]

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