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Guess The Hotel Revealed: A Quikbook Secret Sale at Gild Hall New York

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  Site Where: 15 Gold Street, New York, United States
August 28, 2012 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

We clearly need to be more obscure with our Guess The Hotel hints: it only took an hour for the hotel to be named, and all four comments got it right! The hotel we were hinting at was Thompson’s Gild Hall on Gold Street all the way down in Manhattan's Financial District.

Our first Quikbook Secret Sale

We ended up at Gild Hall following our first experience with Quikbook and its Secret Sale, scoring a room for $159/night, excluding taxes. A fantastic rate for New York, but the caveat is that the name of a Secret Sale hotel is not revealed until after you've made a reservation, and rates are non-changeable and non-refundable.

Following a bit of research to determine as best we could which hotel we were going to end up with, and being fairly confident we were going to need a place to stay, we took the plunge and booked. Just a few hours later, the confirmation arrived in our inbox: Gild Hall it was indeed. Given the prices we were coming across everywhere else, we were pretty psyched with this deal.

Arrival & Room Reaction

There’s plenty of stories out there about people booking through the likes of Expedia or Hotwire and getting a less than warm welcome when checking in to their hotel, ending up with the worst room in the house. Especially in New York, this can mean cramped quarters with a wonderful view of an airshaft.

We were happy to see that there were no such issues at Gild Hall; reception was very friendly and we were on our way up within a few minutes. First impressions of the room were positive as well, with plenty of space for New York.

The dark carpet, dark wooden shutters, and narrow streets of the Financial District make for an intimate, clubby feel, but do leave the room a little dark, despite the white sheets on the bed. We tried to use the bedside lamps to create more light, but one was incredibly fiddly to turn on and stay on, and the other nearly fell off completely when we touched the switch.

The bathroom was fairly nondescript, but functional, with a standard-issue shower-in-tub combo. Toiletries are by CO Bigelow, but stop at shampoo and conditioner. No body lotion, no shower gel.

Technology & Facilities

We had a pretty unsuccessful few days technology-wise. Wifi cost $15 per 24 hours, but aside from the charge we were mostly frustrated with the need to stand up and balance our laptop on a shelf close to the door to get a reliable signal. We never managed to get the TV to display a channel, nor did the phone on the nightstand seem to want us to reach reception.

Restaurant The Libertine is being revamped, but a limited menu is served in the bar until a replacement arrives. Three floors have a small fitness room (and we mean small, if there'd be three people inside it'd be cramped).

Bottom Line

At the rate we paid, we had no major complaints about our stay at Gild Hall. The location puts you within walking distance of all of the Financial District down to Battery Park, and easy subway stops such as City Hall are only a few minutes away to take up you uptown. If you're looking for an affordable place to stay with a bit of style and can live with the non-refundable rates, this might be for you.

Archived Comments:

Secret Sales are cool

Interesting.. just came across this infographic form Quikbook: <a href="http://blog.quikbook.com/2012/09/10/secret-sale-hotels-infographic/">http://blog.quikbook.com/2012/09/10/secret-sale-hotels-infographic/</a>

Secret Sales is no joke, nice savings for us budget-conscious travelers.