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Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Knows What You Want: Beer and Ice Cream

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August 24, 2012 at 3:46 PM | by | ()

BEER FLOATS. Yes, you read that right. BEER. FLOATS. As in, like root beer floats but with actual alcohol. Just because you've likely never had them doesn't mean they simply don't exist, and the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is proving their awesomeness by offering a variety of boozy combinations at their 8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill.

Contrary to any sticky memories of past root beer floats, the Park Hyatt's beer floats will naturally arrive at your barstool with a bit more savoir-faire. Each beer, for example, is a rare or seasonal offering. Each ice cream and sorbet chosen for it is also something handcrafted and handpicked for ideal balance.

As a bar offering it's quite fun, but we're loving its potential as a dessert instead. You get your beer, you get your ice cream and, all in all, you get something far more creative and unique than a slice of cheesecake or plop of gelato.

Here's what's "on tap" for the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek's beer floats this season:

New Belgium 1554 Black Ale 13
paired with rocky mountain road ice cream,
raspberry-champagne sorbet

Samuel Adams American Kriek 24
paired with black cherry-nutella swirl ice cream,
dark chocolate ice cream & vanilla bean ice cream

New Belgium Lips of Faith-Tart Lychee 24
paired with lemon-thyme sorbet and vanilla bean ice cream,
apple cinnamon sorbet, raspberry-champagne sorbet

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Beer Is Good

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I didn't realize Embassy Suites gave out so much beer per day!