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Taylor Swift Made It All About Her At the Fairmont Copley Plaza

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August 23, 2012 at 9:08 AM | by | ()

On a recent visit to Boston, Taylor Swift was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Celebrities Who Have Been Ignominiously Kicked Out Of Hotels (CWHBIKOOH), though as far as we know she hasn't written a song about it yet. According to the Daily Mail, the singer's time at the Fairmont Copley Plaza was cut short when someone at the hotel asked her to leave.

Taylor and her boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, were attending Conor's cousin's wedding, but when they showed up, the bride's mother, Victoria Gifford Kennedy, said she didn't want Taylor hogging all the attention away from her daughter's big day. In fact, she had already told Taylor, via text, she wasn't welcome, but Taylor showed up anyway. Real classy.

Now that the story is all over the news, Taylor's rep is saying the singer "was indeed invited, and...graciously welcomed by the bride." But Victoria Gifford Kennedy is sticking to her side of the story:

"They came anyway…I personally went up to Ms Swift, whose entrance distracted the entire event…and asked her as nicely as I could to leave."

Apparently, Taylor and Conor did leave during dinner, but then came back after to dance. And not that anyone had a problem with seeing Taylor dance, but her presence caused fans to wait in the lobby for autographs, which distracted from the wedding.

A celebrity kicked out of a hotel just for being famous? We think this might have more to do with this being a Kennedy wedding rather than Taylor doing anything wrong.

Once again, Taylor, you're off the hook!

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Archived Comments:

I think the bride's mother is an idiot

Look, I understand the "please don't steal the bride's thunder" argument.  But maybe ask Taylor to go to a service entrance or something. She is dating a relative - what way is that to treat her?  Very rude.  I am a Democrat through and through, but I have had enough of the Kennedy family.  Taylor seems like she has a good head on her shoulders - I side with her 100% on this one.

I have more of an issue

With that she's 22 and he's going to be a senior in high school. They can't even go to bars together! And is she thinking she will go to prom?