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The Do-It-All Room Remote At Revel Resort

August 21, 2012 at 3:46 PM | by | ()

Lately we've been entranced with in-room iPads and fancy-dancy remote controls. Both seem to be getting super hi-tech and we're all for it so long as the boasted features actually work. We're not keen on lengthy how-to sheets that give us agita.

We'd like to see the end of multi-remote controls in hotel rooms and instead be able to power nearly everything with a touch of a button. Well, we saw just that recently at Atlantic City's Revel Resort. While our full gallery of A.C.'s newest hot spot is coming soon, today we're hyper-focused on this little gem--the room's souped up Prodigy PLX3 remote control.

The same size as your average TV remote, this little powerhouse actually controls just about everything the buttons on the front panel says it does. And we know because we pressed them all just like a little kid would!

Here's what worked--and the one thing that didn't.

Lights Press this button and the small LCD screen in the middle of the remote gives you options--want to turn on/off the bedroom/bathroom/lamps? You can by using the arrows in the middle to scroll to your choices and the select button to lock it in.

Temperature Yes, there is a traditional panel on the wall, but when has that ever really worked for anyone? Using the remote it was simple as pie to adjust the room climate from a too-breezy 62 to a comfy 70.

Television This was almost an after thought, but yeah, you can actually turn ON the television with this remote, plus input and scroll through channels with no problem. There are hotel guest features available too, like checking your room balance (but there's a cooler way to do this--stay tuned!). Then there's the sleep timer so you don't leave the TV blaring all night. We can't count how many times the sleep timer has never worked on a remote, so we were pleased that this one was functional.

Drapes The one thing that didn't work on the remote. We're not sure if it was an oversight, but the Revel Room curtains aren't equipped to be powered by the remote. Hopefully they are still working on this, because that would be a godsend. After all, who wants to get up and throw open the drapes by hand when a simple push of a button will do?

Interestingly enough we dug around and found you can order the Prodigy for home use. And as soon as we build our Barbie Dream House, we are so on it!

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Great article!

Drapes are automated in the suites and ADA rooms only. in a regular room, when you hit the Drapes button, there is a message that shows on the screen that says the drapes in that room are not automated. The same remote is used throughout the entire property, and it gives them the upgrade path to automate the drapes in standard rooms in the future.