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Pussy Riot Sympathizers Convene in New York (Guess Where?)

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August 20, 2012 at 9:07 AM | by | ()

We don't usually read about basement parties happening at the Ace New York in the NY Times. Yet that's exactly how we found out about a recent fundraiser that took place in the hotel's subterranean Liberty Hall.

With several hundred protestors lined up around the block, the hotel hosted an impromptu "solidarity event" in support of Russian punk rock trio Pussy Riot, who have made headlines around the world after their controversial arrest—and subsequent conviction—by the Russian government for what they deemed “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.” Now they're facing two years in prison.

When it came time to pick a venue to allow folks to gather and vent their anger, the Ace seemed an obvious choice. After all, if the hotel is hip enough to turn an obscure brand of Swiss toothpaste into a hot commodity, no reason why a crowd of balaclava-wearing, feminist, anti-patriarch arts activists can't feel right at home, right?

According to the Times reporter, the hotel hosted performances and speeches by feminist musician JD Samson (who also co-organized the event), actress Chloe Sevigny and the poet Eileen Myles. Needless to say, the audience got a little rowdy—and the line of people waiting to get inside even wrapped around the block. But then again, since the event took place in the basement, any guest who chose to remain blissfully ignorant about the mob could do so.

But, judging from the article, it sounds like they would have missed out on a perfectly good open bar, sponsored by the hotel. Guess when you snooze, you lose!

[Photo: Michelle V. Agins / NY Times]

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