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Six Hotel Brands You Should Be Excited About Now

August 20, 2012 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

All this talk about IKEA getting ready to sweep Europe with a new chain of budget hotels got us thinking about some of the other cool brands out there. And it's a good thing there's so many of them—because while certain brands have managed to deliver on their promises, others have yet to open a single property. And yet we still remain hopelessly glued to the screen...

Take a look at these six other hotel brands we're most excited about, and see which openings are coming to a theater near you.

The world finally exhaled when Virgin made the announcement that the location of its first-ever hotel would be in Chicago. It's going to have a modest 250 rooms, and it will open in the city's historic Dearborn Bank Building, which will hopefully make good on Richard Branson's promise that all Virgin properties will become "the hippest most comfortable in any city." Well, sir, we'll hold off on judgment until we see one actually open. Construction began in May, with a projected opening date of Fall 2013.

We waited, and waited...and waited. And finally, in late April 2010, the first-ever Armani Hotel (complete with muted beige checkered bedspreads and curvy walls) made its big, glitzy Dubai debut. Admittedly, the hotel got a bit of extra buzz from opening inside the Burj Khalifa, though there's certainly still plenty to get excited about for the remaining Armani properties. Next came Milan. And word on the street is Paris is up next—though in total, we're told to expect at least eight more hotels from the designer-turned-hotelier.

Speaking of Milan, the fashion-centric city was an obvious first choice for the first hotel by luxury watchmaker and jeweler Bulgari. More recently, Bulgari stepped up its game to ensure a grand opening for its new London property in time for the Olympics—and it succeeded. One review from a hotel insider said the hotel "oozed quality, while an editor from the Daily Mail simply wasn't into the hotel's black granite floors and Bulgari-jewelry-filled glass cabinets. One man's treasure is another man's...junk?

If bright colored walls, gold leather sofas and Maseratis are up your alley, you should probably add Missoni Hotels to your hotel bucket list. The fashion hotel has opened in plenty of interesting locations—including Edinburgh, the chain's first, which also won our award for Best Video Tour in 2010. Since then, the color-loving brand has also set its sights on Kuwait, Turkey, Oman, Mauritius, Brazil, and, yes, Doha.

Things sure have moved quickly for IHG's new fitness-oriented brand, Even Hotels. Since the initial announcement in late February, we've since gotten plenty of details on the design of the rooms as well as what exercise facilities will be available (hand weights, yoga mats and weight benches, in case you were wondering). An announcement of the hotel's first location should be coming sometime this Fall, with an expected opening date of early 2013.

And finally, how could we even think about talking about hot hotel brands without giving some love to Morgans Hotel Group's latest darling, Delano Hotels. While plenty of hotel brands are expanding all over the world these days, few are quite as savvy as the Delano, who is currently implementing a plan to open 10 hotels over the next three years. Though we already had Marrakech and Vegas on our radar, thanks to another announcement late last week, we can also look forward to a Delano in Moscow sometime in 2015. Then what, Delano? Then what?

Archived Comments:

Bulgari is soo "look, don't touch"

I was crazy excited about Bulgari London opening but while the rooms look crazysexycool, the rest of the spot doesn't seem very cozy or comfortable. For all that money, you should at least feel a little warmth! Still, I'd be curious to see where they open next. NYC perhaps?

Virgin Missoni Even

All about Virgin, Missoni and Even. Not so into Bulgari anymore nor do I care about Armani. They had a big bang and then whoosh--my interest piqued and waned.

Want to like Armani

I haven't been to Bulgari yet, and though I didn't actually see a room at Armani, I did visit the nightclub. Which I'm going to go ahead and assume is symbolic of the rest of the hotel: big, splashy, overpriced, kinda impressive but...kinda hollow-feeling too.

Piggyback on fashion!

Missoni seems so cool, really want to check it out. but new hotels are mostly nice just because they are new :)

More choices

This is something that I'm looking for. Armani looks great.


Indeed, Armani looks really cool.

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