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Who Will Replace Alain Ducasse at W Vieques?

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  Site Where: State Road 200, KM 3.2 - HC-1 Box 9368, Vieques, Puerto Rico, 00765
August 17, 2012 at 2:34 PM | by | ()

We remember when the W Vieques opened in 2010, we were swept up in the hype. Here was this slick newjack busting in on a sleepy Puerto Rican isle that no one outside the armed forces had heard of. This island was the bomb, literally.

So, we watched with interest, especially when we found out they were bringing in chef extraordinaire Alain Ducasse to helm their restaurant called miX. Soon it seemed like everyone was heading to the W Vieques in droves. It was the “it spot”, indeed.

Fast forward to this past June when we visited in person. On the way to the “retreat” (they don’t use the word “hotel”) we heard some bad news. Ducasse had pulled out of the restaurant just weeks earlier! Yikes. We didn’t want that piece of gossip to taint our experience, but when we ate at miX, we had, well, mixed feelings.

The pumpkin veloute at a hefty $15 a bowl, was a watery disappointment. The description of the gambas (shrimp) mofongo with pork cracklings and sofrito sounded so good, we thought tasting it would make you want to slap your mother. Instead, it only made drink a ton of water it was so salty. But we kept picking at it, because hell, it was mofongo! And like pizza, even bad mofongo can be good mofongo, especially when you’ve had a few mango mojitos at WET bar. Which we did. And those drinks were on point! And the lunchtime ceviche was good too.

Anyhoo, regarding a replacement for Ducasse, reps for the W responded to an email saying they "don't have a statement ready yet, but we should have something soon."

Whomever is making the ceviche at W Vieques' WET may want to apply for Ducasse's job

While we aren’t sure Ducasse’s departure has anything to do with the general state of affairs for the W Vieques in general, we did notice our room, as fab as people have reported in the past, reeked of mildew. Plus, the clientele didn’t exactly seem to be the chic young thangs and celebs of yesteryear, like Robin Thicke. Instead, it was filled with shrieking twentysomething gals and tired-looking parental units.

In the meantime, as we wait to find out the W’s fate, we remain perplexed about its rates. They are still off the chain with low-season prices hovering around $359 a night (we saw $274 for one random date in October) which is more than their 2010 opening rate of $339! So clearly, they aren’t fussed about local rumors that say the hotel is going downhill, staff are unhappy, and it won't remain a W much longer.

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