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What Do You Order From Room Service?

August 15, 2012 at 4:15 PM | by | ()

When we posted your hotel check-in rituals, some commented on Twitter and Facebook that ordering room service is the first thing they do when settling in. We're a bit nosy, so we asked a few hoteliers and Food & Beverage folks what y'all are ordering--hoping there would be some extreme weirdness going on like anchovies on PB&J. But, bearing a little skepticism about the guest who asked for live tarantulas, you're just like us! You love a simple club sandwich. You crave a grilled cheese! Our mini-survey shows your faves.

Hyatt Regency Atlanta: Folks love to order the strawberry-stuffed French Toast, a breakfast dessert that is a Southern quiet riot made with brioche, toasted pecans, fruit, and sea salt.

Beau-Rivage Palace, Switzerland: Europe can be such a complex place, and this Lausanne, hotel shows us that their guests demands are no different! The most popular items? The pricey duck foie gras terrine at CHF 39 ($40.10) and on the complete opposite spectrum, chicken nuggets at CHF 18 ($18.50)!

The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan: What the people want? It's a no-brainer? A burger with yucca fries and the decadent 14-layer chocolate cake. Perfecto!

W Hotels: Those staying at the W New York hotel have an affinity for the $13 chicken noodle matzo-ball soup. Meanwhile, at the W Times Square location, sushi for dinner and protein shakes for breakfast are popular requests. If the W New Orleans is your spot a Chicken Poboy can be delivered before you can say laissez bon temps rouler. And those at the W Taipei opt for the famous beef noodle soup, a Taiwanese staple.

Andaz Wall Street: Steak is always a best seller on Tuesday and Wednesdays when most of their business travelers are in. On Friday and Saturdays the $19 fish & chips and $8 beef sliders win out with the out-of-town crowd.

Dukes St. James London: Despite its posh location and clientele, the most popular in-room dining requests at this 5-star hotel are the hearty plebe fare of steak and chips, followed by green Thai curry with rice.

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek: Pancakes come in as the most-ordered breakfast item before folks head out to see The Mouse. While classic buttermilk flapjacks are first at $14, banana, blueberry, and chocolate chip are runners up. But always with maple syrup. When it comes to dinner, people are clucking it up with chicken fingers and wings.

Conrad New York: The Mediterranean-style San Marzano tomato pizza with fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil for $18 has guests repeatedly pressing the phone’s room-service button at this Battery Park hotel.

Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa, Grand Cayman: The classic club sandwich is made with grilled chicken breast, and Swiss cheese is added for a tangy touch. At $10.50 a pop, it’s quite reasonable and enjoying it with a view of the Caribbean Sea is a bonus.

Ring our Bell! Comment below and tell us your order!

[Photo:Andaz Wall Street]

Archived Comments:

Grilled Cheese for life!

I am always a sucker for grilled cheese with fries and a coke. And it's a bonus if they have tomato soup on the menu too.

Hail Caesar!

I know Anthony Bourdain is always scoffing at the room-service Caesar salad and dooming people who eat it to a stomach ache--but I want it! And if a hotel offers anchovies with it? They are my HEROES.


It is always fun to see how a hotel creatively does a simple (or not so simple) burger. Though, I am also a sucker for grilled cheese since it can be done traditionally or gourmet also. Though, the Downtown W in New Orleans has some of the best gumbo! Frankly delicious gumbo in a fluffy robe can't be beat!

Me want omelette

I don't know why, it's always the most appealing thing when I look through the menu--usually some sort of veggie/cheddar combo  with potatoes and toast.

And also, who orders protein shakes from room service? Lame.

depends on the menu (and the price)

As I have a slight preference for a certain French hotel chain I frequently order French onion soup (love the Sofitel NYC version), followed by Croque Madame or the humble burger with fries. When in Asia: anything Thai :)

Biggestlet down for in room dining: the steak. Usually overpriced and cold by the time you get it.

Room Service?

Once in a while I do it, but I am usually right out the door when I arrive.  However, I like to order pizza and have had some amazing and unique pizzas from room service.  I think breakfast is my favorite though.