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Expect More Than Just A Vase Of Flowers Next Time You Visit A Westin

August 15, 2012 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Awww, they shouldn't have...

Westin is getting all green and leafy with their newly implemented lobby concept, which is currently being previewed at the Westin Gaslamp Quarter San Diego. The biggest change is that all Westin lobbies from now on will incorporate "vertical gardens," or wall-mounted flowers and plants.

What do they do? Supposedly improve air quality, create a "calming" environment, re-use grey water—but most of all, they just look pretty.

In addition to the vertical gardens, Westin is also updating their lobbies and public spaces with modern, free-standing check-in desks, adaptable seating zones, and grab-and-go cafes. The changes are intended to make the lobby more of an "oasis" and less of a place you go just to kill time.

By incorporating new seating areas and coffee tables with power outlets built into the sides, guests will have more of a reason to hang out and get work done or log onto Facebook while they're waiting to meet friends, or just feel like laptop-ing in a more public space. We know we've certainly struggled before in lobbies with little or no power outlets to use—and often when we do find one, it's in a far corner that requires us to move our seat or simply sit on the floor.

Meanwhile, as far as the leafy walls are concerned, Westin has put serious time and effort into perfecting the landscaping of each "garden" to suit each hotel. Factors like natural light, climate, and interior architecture all contribute to which specific plants are included in the display. Variegated Philodendron, Golden Pothos, Dallas Ferns English Ivy, Purple Waffle Plant are all flora that have been selected by the hotel's design team, and their interior landscaping partner, Ambius.

The concept is coming to Westin properties worldwide, though some of the first to experience the changes will be: Westin Indianapolis, Westin Boston, and Westin Bethesda.

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