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It's A Library Face-Off Inside Two of NYC's Newest Hotels

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September 6, 2012 at 11:48 AM | by | ()


The other day we were wandering around inside Brooklyn's The Wythe Hotel when we headed to the back of the lobby area, and discovered that the floor-to-ceiling bookcase, which sat empty on our last visit, had finally been filled—and boy, did someone get creative.

Looking through each shelf, we spotted everything from the Idiot's Guide To Learning Yiddish to the entire The Hardy Boys series to cookbooks to vintage board games like Monopoly, Connect 4 and the MAD Magazine game.

But as we recall, we also stumbled upon a nifty collection of books earlier this summer over at the The NoMad—so is this all part of some new trend? Wasn't print media supposedly going the way of the dinosaurs? Well, apparently not if NYC's two biggest new boutique hotels have anything to do with it.

While the Wythe's collection is indeed playful (care to read an autobiography by Snooki? It's here), the NoMad's collection and library itself are a tad more highbrow. In fact, the collection of books at the NoMad was curated by Thatcher Wine, owner of Juniper Books in Boulder. He explained:

"I'm the one who curated the book collection for the library there - all 3,500 books, individually handpicked book by book, working closely with the developers, designers, and restaurant operators.

Everything on the lower level was chosen by subject and is organized that way - entire sections of books about France, New York, music, wine & food, etc."

So basically: go to the Wythe to play Connect 4 and learn about Snooki's rise to reality fame, or cozy up in the NoMad's Beauty and the Beast-esque, wood-paneled reading room with a volume on New York's history. The choice is up to you!

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