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A 2,000 lb Submersible, Just Hanging Out In An Embassy Suites Lobby

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August 13, 2012 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

What goes under water, is piloted by teenagers, and is sitting in our lobby? asks the Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe. And the answer? Why, a 2,000 lb, 14-foot, fully functional submersible, of course.

A photo on the hotel's Facebook page shows the vessel just hanging out in the lobby. But this isn't some misplaced piece of furniture—it's actually on display at the hotel until next month, when it embarks on a series of 60 dives in Lake Tahoe.

Turns out some of the dives will in fact be piloted by youth ambassadors of the Undersea Voyage Project, which organizes underwater explorations around the world. And until it goes under, the submersible, which is named the Great White, is making quite the conversation piece for guests entering the Embassy Suites' lobby.

A Nevada local newspaper writes that the plan is to get people talking about Tahoe's local sustainability program, which aims to preserve the lake and learn more about its history. By placing the vessel smack in the middle of the lobby, people will inevitably become curious and want to learn more about the upcoming dives.

Well, it worked on us.

[Photo: Facebook]

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