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Another Funky Affordable Hotel in Paris for Summer: The Hi-Matic

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  Site Where: 71, rue de Charonne, Paris, France
July 9, 2012 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

Last week we went inside two affordable Parisian hotels under 200 Euros a night that offered up eclectic boutique decor and attentive service. But if you're looking for something even cheaper than that (without having to shack up at a random hotel near Gare du Lyon), the NY Times recently went inside the funky budget spot, Hi-Matic in the out-of-the-way-for-tourists 11th arrondissement. Think of it as a Tune Hotel but Frencher and brighter:

The rooms are done in the bright solid hues of a child’s playroom — sky-blue walls, green floor, purple bed, orange shelves — and their diminutive size and packed, low furniture seem appropriate for tykes, too. Half of my unit, No. 42, was taken up by the bed, which was really more of a pile of futon-like (but comfy and cozy) mattresses on the floor. The only other furnishings were a tiny desk, a low gumdrop-like cube serving as a chair, and a wooden bar that held comically oversize clothes hangers.

Yet if the small size and cramped furniture puts you off, the goodies won't. There's a TV, iPod, digital safe, hair dryer and even a movable reading lamp.

One thing that might scare you off is the bathroom which the NY Times described as:

A bit of a misnomer, since there was no bath and almost no room. Rather, one side of the bedroom contained a cylindrical glass shower chamber and a toilet sheltered by a tiny, boxy wooden cabin with translucent green and blue windows.

Eeep. But in the end it's all about the price here which is about 100 Euros a night for a mini cabine, breakfast from the automated basement cafeteria included.

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