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Ouch! The Bulgari Hotel Gets Nicknamed The 'Vulgari Hotel'

Where: 171 Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom
July 5, 2012 at 1:50 PM | by | ()

But, but, but it looks so pretty!

While we were thrilled to get a sneak peek at the just-opened Bulgari Hotel in London from a spy who said the place was "oozing quality", it looks like a reporter the travel editor from Daily Mail who spent the night couldn't get out of the place fast enough.

Dubbing the spot "The Vulgari Hotel (ouch), Mark Palmer found Britain's most expensive hotel to be just another "crass monument to bling" populated with fawning Bulgari flunkeys. Needless to say, he wasn't impressed by the hotel's style featuring black granite floors in the lobby, polished mahogany, glass cabinets displaying Bulgari jewelry and security guards.

Nor was he taken with the overservice of the hotel's employees, saying there is "the almost obligatory dispensing of £5 notes to grovelling staff as they press the lift buttons on your behalf and generally buzz about like pesky wasps."

The harshest criticisms were reserved for the hotel's bar and restaurant which aside from extremely high prices, the joint according to Palmer is staffed by "waiters are so greasy you can practically smell the Brylcreem." Also, "the lighting is harsh, the acoustics appalling." And ordering is nothing short of a visit to a hospital. Palmer writes:

In addition to the main menu, there’s a list of ‘bites to share to start your meal’ and a pencil. You’re meant to tick the boxes opposite the dishes you want, rather like patients in hospital: seven little mouthfuls come in at £28.


But perhaps worst of all, for all that money you spend on the room (rooms start at £670 a night plus there's an additional 20 VAT and another 5 percent tax for the "backroom staff"), you could end up with an anti-view:

Our room is fine (if you like the idea of a silver carpet and a velvet armchair) and the bed is wonderfully comfortable, but the window looks straight out onto the side of a mansion block. Across the way, we can see a man lounging on a sofa watching television. In fact, we can watch the 10 o’clock news on his television and he can surely watch our 42in plasma TV if we open the curtains wide enough.

Good heavens. Looks like either the Bulgari has some improvements to make or they are going to have drop those room rates. Then again, Palmer reports that the hotel is nearly sold-out every night. So there are some suckers out there who like this sort of thing.

We're just still a little miffed that they don't offer full-sized Bulgari toiletries in the bath.

[Photo: Bulgari Hotels/Daily Mail]

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That 'reporter'...

...is the travel editor of the Daily Mail. JS.

duly noted

will update.

That's a shame...

Sorry to hear the hotel isn't going to be that great.

I stayed at the Bulgari in Bali and LOVED it!   I was hoping to visit the London, but maybe not now...

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love it

like the unusual, like the decor of the rooms, like that it is different. would love to stay there...