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Olympics Officials Probably Spent $70,000 on Lunch at The Dorchester

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August 3, 2012 at 2:10 PM | by | ()

It might be good to be the Queen of England but it's apparently better to be an Olympics boss in London right now.

The other day Reddit user posted this photo of a receipt from a lunch attended by "15 Olympics bosses" in London which totalled £44,660, or about $70,000USD. About £19,000 of that was spent on a bottle of Hennessy. Outrageous!

But it was a mystery as to where this receipt was from. However, Gawker took it upon themselves to find out, deducing that the receipt likely came from China Tang restaurant inside The Dorchester in Knightsbridge:

We [Gawker] called the restaurant to see if it had hosted a 15-person Olympic luncheon; the hostess told us that it "probably" had — apparently Olympic officials have been in and out of the restaurant over the last few weeks — but she couldn't specifically confirm this one.

Yet judging from the online dessert menu posted for China Tang, there is indeed an ice cream platter and a sorbet platter available. Oddly enough, the menu says 8 quid while the restaurant only charged 7. Maybe the Olympics bosses got a discount after all? Meanwhile, rooms at the hotel have been completely sold-out during the Olympics so dining and drinking at the posh spot is your only way of experiencing it for now. Just don't order the Hennessy and you should be alright.

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