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Have You Stayed in a Best Western Premier Hotel?

July 31, 2012 at 2:01 PM | by | ()

This morning we got an announcement that Best Western Hotels recently opened two new Best Western Premier hotels (one in Melbourne, Australia and one just outside of Moscow) and it got us wondering--have you ever stayed in a Best Western Premier hotel before?

In case you aren't familiar, BW's Premier brand offers guests upscale amenities, personalized guest services and an overall luxury hotel experience but at a value price point that folks come to expect from the Best Western name.

The Best Western folks are so gung-ho about this Premier brand they are plotting quite a busy and exotic expansion path with openings for Dominican Republic, Haiti, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nairobi and Oman expected for this year. In the next 12 months, the number of BWPs (can we call them that?) in North America will increase by 50 percent thanks to the opening of nine hotels throughout US, Canada and the Caribbean.

So if you haven't stayed in one yet, you very well may in the next year.

Most of the BWPs (yeah, we're calling them that) in the U.S. are in smaller cities and markets but we checked out the Best Western Premier Ivy Hotel in Napa, Calif. which describes itself as a boutique, avant-garde hotel and found that for $289 a night in mid-August, we could get a non-smoking king room with 42-inch TVs, pillow top mattresses, free high speed internet and free breakfast. There's also free parking and a weekly wine reception on Fridays.

Despite the freebies, a lot of you may balk at $289 a night for a Best Western stay but this is during a relatively popular time for Napa and that's a weekend rate. And those bedrooms sure do look pretty. For a little comparison, the Best Western Mariemont Inn in Cincinnati was going for $169 that same weekend. Still too high for you? Then sound off in comments below!

Have you stayed at a Best Western Premier before? How did it compare to a regular old BW stay? Let us know in comments below!

[Photos: Best Western Premier Napa]

Archived Comments:

BWP the Central

One of the problems with Best Western in the past is that you never knew what you were going to get -- there were some amazing properties out on the West Coast and some terrible East Coast spots.  With the descriptor program being introduced a couple of years ago, guests can be more confident that a hotel will meet their needs.  I was involved with the development of one of the first Premier properties in the US, BWP the Central Hotel & Conference Center. The PIP was extensive and we approached it as if we were creating an independent hotel.  I think that one of the strengths of the program is that Best Western encourages the owner to create a hotel that has a sense of place and that offers a unique design.  Overall, I feel that the BWP experience is very good.  I like the concept and the idea that you're not getting cookie cutter product but that you can expect a certain standard.

A place to relax with your love once

As you can see in the pictures it looks very expensive,and staying in this kind of place maybe quite relaxing,perhaps the ambiance and the surroundings looks green what a beautiful place,good to have here for a vacation with your love ones.