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The Wave Hotel In the UK Is Making Waves With Gadget-Loving Kids

July 3, 2012 at 10:02 AM | by | ()

A new hotel in the UK has found a way to take all the interactive hotel tech stuff we've come to love (and expect), and use it for more kid-friendly purposes. So nevermind boring grown-up things like room service, e-concierges, and controlling the TV from your iPhone: the Wave Hotel in Bognor Regis is all about games, gadgetry, and fun.

Shaped like a cruise ship, and with plenty of ocean views, the 215-room Wave offers a Kindle library, a games room outfitted with iMacs, Wii consoles and PS3s, 3-D-augmented walls, iPod docking stations and individual TV screens at the foot of each bed.

Oh, and the WiFi is free.

We say kid-friendly, but it's parents who are probably going to love this hotel just as much. With endless diversions and wall-mounted gadgets for kids to poke and play around with, this may be the one hotel where parents can come to and actually get a bit of time off.

Inside the hotel are plenty of fun little touches like porthole doors and fish friezes along the walls. The Daily Mail has the full scoop:

"White ribbons blowing like waves stand outside the entrance and a block of blue discs, resembling running water, shimmer behind reception.  In the coffee shop on the ground floor, sails hang from the ceiling and the sofas are shaped like giant sea plants. The apartments have a fish-frieze along one wall and even the shower heads light up."

Many of the suites have "kids cabins," separated from the rest of the room with porthole doors, and offering bunk beds with individual TV screens and DVD players with headphone plugs.

A 3-night stay at the hotel starts at £295, though other nearby facilities include Splash Waterworld, live entertainment, the Ocean Spa, and Turner's restaurant. Though, let's face it: if there are PS3s and Wii consoles to play, your kids probably could care less about what celebrity-branded restaurants sit near the hotel.

[Photo: The Wave Hotel]

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