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Fancy A Night In A Hotel With Marilyn Monroe? Head To Florence

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  Site Where: Vicolo dell' Oro 5, Florence, Italy, 50123
July 24, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | Comments (0)

OK, interactive holograms of deceased celebrities haven't quite made it into the repertoire of common hotel amenities. But how does this sound instead: a hotel lobby filled with original black-and-white pictures spanning the entire career of Hollywood's most photographed star?

That's what Florence's Gallery Hotel Art has planned for the rest of the summer, and they're throwing in a few extras to celebrate the exhibit, on display now. Like breakfast, a three-course dinner, room upgrade, and free entry to the Ferragamo museum.

Giving credence to the oft-quoted Marilyn Monroe maxim: "There's so much to smile about."

Since the hotel is owned by the Ferragamo group, guests are routinely treated to free admission to the museum, as well as discounts at the shop above the museum and at the Santa Trinita boutique.

But since a major Marilyn Monroe exhibit—gathering photographs, film clips, costumes and documents—had been scheduled at the Ferragamo museum, the Gallery Hotel Art decided to get in on the action by hosting a mini-exhibit of their own.

And while the museum's may be on a grander scale, the combination of both exhibits ought to be a blessing for diehard Marilyn fans.

The "Florence City Break" package is going for $228/night thru December.

[Photo: The Glass Magazine]

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