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What's Going on With Hotel Rooms for the Olympics in London?

July 2, 2012 at 4:05 PM | by | ()

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when the Olympics come into town, the hotel rates skyrocket. But with the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics happening in London later this month, we're having a tough time deciphering what's up, what's down and what's still available.

Reports from last week put London hotels as slashing room rates as much as £160 a night, due to lower than expected bookings. Today, there's a report out saying that prices are up as much as 400 percent.

Complicating that, is the fact that room rates fluctuate throughout the Olympics based on the popular events going on and where they are located. So getting a deal really depends on what your schedules (and budgets) are like. (But don't forget, you can always book a room on HotelTonight.)

Nevertheless, we thought we would check in with some of our most-talked about London hotels to see what they are offering*:

· The Belgraves: From July 27-30, we found king rooms available for just £269.1 which is an advance purchase rate (no refunds, no changes) but still a good rate. When we changed that date from July 30-August 2nd, we found rooms available for the same rate. When we checked August 10-12, the last weekend of the Olympics, we found the same thing. Compared to the opening night rate we paid of £207 a night in February, this is not such a ripoff.

· W London: From July 27-30, the W had a prepay rate discount of 10 percent for a whopping £449 a night. Changing the dates to July 30-August 2 yielded the same rates as did August 10-12. Yet compared with opening rates of £322 in February 2011, this is not such a terribly jacked up rate. Just a little itty bitty jackup.

· St Pancras Renaissance: This hotel was sold-out July 27-30 but we did get a list of hotel rates at other Marriott properties in and around town for that week. Yikes!

The hotel did have availability again on July 31 for £495 a night before quickly moving over the £500 mark. For the Olympics final weekend from August 10-12, rates jumped to £565 a night. For some perspective, when the hotel opened in March 2011, rates were just £275 a night.

· Tune Hotel Westminster: The budget, amenities-cost-extra brand this is Tune Hotels had rooms available in all their London hotels. See below:

We found rooms available for the opening of the Olympics at Tune Hotel Westminster for a total of £435 for three nights. That's for a room without windows though.) The price dropped to £290 for the last weekend of the Olympics but stayed at around £435 in the Olympics' second week. When we stayed at Tune in September 2010, just days after opening, we paid only £59.50 including internet and towels. Still, Tune might be the best deal in town.

Heading to London for the Olympics? Tell us where you're staying...or where you'd like to stay!

*These rates were current on July 2, 2012 but you know they will change. You know this.

[Photos and screengrabs: HotelChatter]

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