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Count Real Sheep at the Planned Balmoral Court Hotel and Spa

July 19, 2012 at 6:00 PM | by | ()

We can almost see the English bagpiper, playing away at sunset. We envision high tea, 24-hour butlers and a lavish hotel reminiscent of those in the United Kingdom. A resort modeled after Pennyhill Park in England and the Ballastone Inn in Savannah is planned for good old Atlanta, opening in 2013.

The proposed Balmoral Court Hotel and Spa will include a hotel and ten English-style cabins situated on up to 125 acres of land. Each thatched-roof cottage, estimated at booking for $275 to $500 a night, will have five bedrooms, a butler, and a garden. We don’t know the exact location for the hotel, but we hear that it will be either in North Fulton or Cherokee county and plans include a lake and an 18-hole golf course.

Resort developer and operator Tarby Bryant envisions a 60-seat five-star restaurant, a parlor, meeting rooms and library inside the resort’s main building. We followed all of that, and we could envision those things, too. Then he informed us that there will be a large field with a dog, a border collie. We gave that a nod. We love animals!

That's not all folks. On that lush field somewhere near a lake and a golf course, with our friendly bagpiper, there will be a shepherd herding his sheep. Sheep in Atlanta? We are still talking about Atlanta, right? Tony Tortorici, a spokesperson for the project reminded us that “the Peabody Hotel in Memphis has ducks. We have sheep.” So, there you have it. The groundbreaking is planned for later this year.

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