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The 5 Best Hotels to Get Some Much-Needed Shuteye

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It doesn’t matter how beautiful or funky or luxe a hotel is – if they don’t take sleeping seriously, they’re missing the point entirely. If we don’t get our proper shuteye, then we’re seeing all of the amenities and other hotel niceties through bleary eyes coated with a thick layer of crankiness.

The following hotels are down with the whole sleep thing and want to make it as easy as possible for you.

1. The Swissotel Berlin, a modern luxury hotel right on the KuDamm, just announced a new sleep package. They’ve gone high-tech after consulting with somnologist, Dr. Michael Feld. The DeepSleep package includes a wake-up and a calm-down beverage; a bright-light therapy session in the morning or a light-to-go headset (we’re picturing something from Star Trek here); aromatherapy in the morning and evening; use of the Powernap Lounge; use of the mountain-air generator so that you can take in a lungful of crisp mountain air whenever you choose; a special sound pillow at night; and nutritional suplements so that you can get your mojo back as quickly as possible. You can even book a polysomnography (a detailed sleep analysis) if you so desire.

The package can be tacked on to any reservation at the hotel for an extra 60 EUR. Rates in September for a Classic Room are 149 EUR per night.

2. We told you about the Sleep Concierge The Benjamin in March so you already know that this is the place to get some sleep in the city that never sleeps. The Benjamin’s a boutique hotel located in the heart of midtown Manhattan and, as far as we know, they’re the first hotel to introduce the Sleep Concierge to the world. They’re hard core about sleep and their innovative Sleep Program proves it.

Guests can receive a complimentary consultation with the Sleep Concierge, who can recommend the best pillow for the way you sleep (there’s a choice of 12 different types) or have a bedtime snack sent up to help induce grogginess. It goes without saying that they also have an amazing bed too. In fact, The Benjamin is so confident in its Sleep Program, that they’ll guarantee it.

Rates at The Benjamin start at $480 USD per night in a Queen Guest room in September.

3. and 4. The Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park (pictured above) and The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto both have Bath Sommeliers to help create your perfect soothing bath before bed. Here, tub time becomes spa time with a Serenity Bath or the Thyme Travel bath, which also includes tips to help you fight jet lag, headaches and other travel ailments that may befall you.

Right now, rates in September are offered at The Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park at $444 USD per night in a Fairmont Gold Room, which includes breakfast and access to the Fairmont Gold Lounge – which we told you all about back in May – and, at The Fairmont Royal York, the rate starts at $259 CAD for a Fairmont Queen room.

5. Another NYC luxury hotel hotspot – The Setai Fifth Avenue – is offering a spa package that promotes a great sleep. Ask your Personal Assistant (every guest gets one, don’t you know) to book the City That Sleeps program through the hotel’s Auriga Spa.

The Spa specializes in a variety of intriguing treatment packages based on the lunar cycle to keep you in synch with nature. Playing off of that idea, the City That Sleeps program includes a beddy-bye time in-room massage and turndown service using aromatherapy. A restful slumber follows as you sink deeply into that custom Pratesi bed linen. You also receive an elixir crafted from local ingredients to help keep you in that sleepy, after-massage blissful state.

Now, you know that this kind of luxury isn’t going to be cheap; rates for a Superior King room comes in at a whopping $855 USD per night. Pleasant dreams!

[Photos: Swissotel Berlin, HotelChatter, Fairmont Chicago/Facebook and Setai Fifth Avenue]

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